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France - Carcassonne
24-27 January 2020

Portugal - Porto
2-5 November 2018

Switzerland - Lausanne

Italy - Rome

Italy - Sicily
11-14 October 2019

Spain - Seville

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Welcome to A Taste of.org.uk … an exciting new travel concept dedicated to luxurious short breaks that combine sights & sounds with the flavours & tastes of carefully chosen gastronomic regions. A Taste of.org.uk … trip is specially constructed to be a perfect opportunity to experience first-hand the local methods, techniques, habits and customs that help define the unique qualities of food & drink - and their transformations from being simple ingredients to becoming a celebrated regional cuisine. A Taste of.org.uk … takes you to gourmet worlds and offers a feast for your senses.

Food & drink have become integral parts of travel - both home and abroad - and that is precisely why A Taste of.org.uk … has been launched by event specialist Brian Smith Associates. A Taste of.org.uk provides discerning travellers a chance to share unique experiences with like-minded people. A Taste of.org.uk … transports you to places where you can enjoy the extraordinary skills of Michelin-style cooking, whilst simultaneously moving you behind those culinary heights to visit local experiential cuisine levels. Come and enjoy this adventure with a small select group of fellow travellers who want to explore wonderful food, drink, travel and adventure.

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"A Taste of Sicily" 11-14 October 2019: Click here for details.

"A Taste of Carcassonne" 24-27 January 2020: Click here for details.

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Hôtel de la Cité, Portuguese Rabelo boat
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