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France - Carcassonne
25-28 January 2019

Portugal - Porto
2-5 November 2018

Switzerland - Lausanne

Italy - Rome

Italy - Sicily
11-14 October 2019

Spain - Seville

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11th-14th October 2019

This is a wonderful trip to discover the east coast of Sicily and it’s second largest city of Catania, its fine architecture, bustling markets, centuries of history and mouth-watering cuisine.

Sicily has long been a crossroads of ancient travellers and the centre of Mediterranean culture and cuisine – and all in the shadow of smouldering Mt Etna, an active volcano that dominates the island. Greek temples, Norman churches and Baroque palazzos combine to make Catania a fascinating destination.

Sicily has a long history of producing a variety of noted cuisines and wines, earning the island the nickname “God's Kitchen”.

The occupation of Sicily over the years by Greeks, Romans and Spanish to the North Africans and Arabs has influenced the way Sicilians eat today and this trip will provide an insight to the island’s cuisine.

During this extended gastronomic weekend you will enjoy the luxury and uniqueness of the highly-regarded hotel Asmundo di Gisira; a small boutique hotel which is equal parts bed-and-breakfast and art gallery. Art pieces adorn the hotel lobby and the bedrooms are themed after myths.

A local guide will introduce you to the La Pescheria, Catania’s open-air fish market where the sound of fishmongers shouting their prices fill the air with laughter, banter and the smell of fresh fish and salt water. The Pescheria is bustling and chaotic and the atmosphere will awaken yours senses and appetite.

We will also venture down a warren of narrow streets leads off from Catania’s fish market leading to alleyways full of colourful fruit and vegetable stalls, meats cheeses, dried fruits, nuts and spices.  

During our visit we will visit one of Sicily’s finest family-owned wineries for a tasting and a special rustic Sicilian lunch, visit an olive grove for a master-class on olive oil and to meet local food producers, travel to see the majestic Mt Etna, enter one of Europe’s largest Benedictine monasteries, Discover Sicilian craftsmanship with local artisans and more.

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