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A Taste of Seville, Spain

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Seville, the capital and heart of Andalusia, has the most intense southern flavour of all European cities, and is widely considered one of the most charming cities of Spain.

Andalusia itself is a rocky, sun-baked region located on Spain’s southern coast and embodies much of what the world thinks of as Spanish: flamenco, tapas, matadors and bullfights.

Seville was under Moorish rule from the 8th-15th centuries, a legacy that shows in its architecture, including such landmarks as the Alcázar castle in Seville, the capital city, as well as Córdoba’s Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral and Granada’s Alhambra palace.

Seville has often been described as a feminine city and one that is not afraid to expose her charms. The Sevillanos are an extremely proud and passionate people. For them their city is not just a place, it is a way of life.

Some cities have looks, other cities have personality. The sevillanos get both, courtesy of their flamboyant, charismatic, and ever-evolving Andalucian metropolis, which (if you believe in myths) was founded 3000 years ago by the Greek god Hercules.

Seville’s rich history has left the city filled with innumerable monuments like the awesome cathedral , the third largest in the world, the Giralda tower, the wonderful palace of the Reales Alcázares, the magical Barrio of Santa Cruz with its narrow streets, the Maestranza bullfighting ring and the passion for Flamenco an the perfume of orange blossoms on every corner.

You will see this - and more during our A Taste of Seville ... adventure.

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Like all great cities, Seville has historical layers. Roman ruins testify the settlement’s earliest face, memories of the Moorish era flicker like medieval engravings in the Santa Cruz quarter, while the riverside Arenal reeks of lost colonial glory.

The Andalusia diet varies, especially between the coast and the interior, but in general is a Mediterranean diet.

The mountainous regions of the Sierra Morena and Sierra Nevada produce cured hams, notably including jamón Serrano and jamón Ibérico.  These come from two different types of pig; jamón Serrano from white pigs, and the more expensive jamón ibérico from the Black Iberian pig. You will experience this first-hand.

There is also a great tradition of drinking wine.  But more on this later ...

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