experiential culinary long weekends

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Join our “a taste of…” trips and discover the food, drink, and traditions that define culture. Our trips reveal the secrets of our destinations and reveal the uniqueness and ‘spirit of place’. We travel to get a ‘taste of place’, which means the methods, techniques, habits, and customs of a culture when it interacts with soil to grow food. We travel to places with strong culinary traditions that have been passed down through generations and which define the people. Culinary culture is a mix of recipes, ingredients, people, and stories that bind communities. Join us and experience long luxurious weekend breaks that combine travel with flavours & tastes of our destinations. “a taste of…” celebrates local traditions, customs, and habits – the things that define the uniqueness of where we travel. “a taste of…” is made for people who are curious, like to travel and want to explore new destinations (or even re-discover old destinations).